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KGTherapy - Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Sometimes we grow apart as individials and we need to learn to grow together as a couple.

KGTherapy - Anxiety


Anxiety is defined as the fear of an event happening in the future.

KGTherapy - Depression


Depression is a state of sadness, lack of energy and motivation, feelings of negativity, guilt, despair and hopelessness.

KGTherapy - Individual.Therapy


Individual therapy is when a therapist speaks with a client one to one. It offers maximum privacy and opportunity to speak freely.

KGTherapy - Bereavement


Grief is the state of emotional distress, sadness, sorrow and regret associated with a loss, such as a death. Bereavement is the period spent in grief.

KGTherapy - Therapy for seniors.png

for Seniors

As we grow older, we pass through major life transitions such as leaving work, children leaving home or a debilitating illness.

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